Launching the British Board Platform

Launching the British Board for training and consulting platform with the latest systems and technologies that are compatible with the standards of online quality training Platform features:
- Interactive platforms for training, education and online meetings.
- Vocal halls with very high performance.
The ability to participate via audio and video.
The interaction between participants and the trainers is 100% inside the hall.
- Multiple lecturers feature.
- Interactive questions and answers feature to the attendees.
- A window dedicated to the work of tests and applications with the possibility of follow-up by the lecturer directly.
- You only need Google or Firefox.
- Easy to use on the phone and computer.
The ability to fully record the lecture and display it on the platform to the participants.
The ability to obtain powers with an unlimited number of trainees inside the hall.
And many exclusive features .. Now, training centres, trainers and trainees are able to use this platform at attractive prices.