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Training, consulting and education services foundation established in London – United Kingdom to raise, deploy and document-training sector with international standards according to the British training school established special curricula for (trainer's adoption – training packages designs).
The BBTC® offers a multiple training, curricula and credits programmers according to the standards.
Which we especially designed to meet all individuals, companies and education foundations to access the highest professional training's levels.

Our Mission:
Contributing to document the quality and the effective of the training in the Middle East standards and create educational and social staff according to an international standards established by the board (ISAT™ – ISDTP™)

Our Vision:
Faithfully we work hard to be the best in applying the quality standards in adopt trainers and training curriculum By 2020.

Our Training Philosophy:
Training is one of the modernist disciplines in the world, that’s why it was requires from us to put a consistent standards and compatible rules to insure a great value outputs.
For that it's important to develop the curricula, trainers and the education foundations through applying modern standards of the training that established by the British board according to multiple studies and researches done by the faculty in the British board based on the latest knowledge and applications in the world,In order of that the BBTC® was founded.


The BRI (British) Board of Training and Consulting Registered at Companies House in UK

No. 10473336

and Registered in UK Register of Learning Providers - UKRLP No. 10062939

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Center Accreditation File - CTC

International Standards for the Design of Training Packages - ISDTP

International Standards for the Adoption of Trainers - ISAT

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Programs of the Youth Council in Algeria One of the sections of the British Board

It was an honor for Algeria_YCCD of the British Board members to host such an outstanding event based on a debate workshop with the presence of honorable guests from different wilayas who played a major role in making this event a success including Dr. Ayoub Boukhatem , Mr Alayidi Ahmed and other special guests .
I would like to take this apportunity to thank the British Board Chairman Dr. Alaa al khateeb for his great regard towards us.


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